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Social media the way it always should have been

Access brilliant and honest content, express your true opinions without fear, and know that your personal information will always remain confidential.

When a handful of companies control most of what you see, say and buy online and those companies all have the same mindset – openness and democracy go out the window. 

At The Speakeasy, we’re changing all of that

Speak Freely

We care what you have to say, and believe in the freedom of speech. You won’t be censored, fact-checked or banned for expressing opinions. Our platform ensures you can speak freely and have a real space to do so.

Access Brilliant Content

We are the conduit between you and the news outlets you trust. Access brilliant content on subjects running the gamut from sports to politics, from pets to stock trading.

Confidential and Private

The Big Tech social platforms see you, and specifically your personal information, as a product to sell to advertisers. We don’t. We see you as our customer, so we’re not collecting your data and it isn’t for sale to third parties.

Join the social network you always wished for

Sign up for The Speakeasy today and watch it grow from a vibrant social platform to add the best news aggregator on the internet and a podcast network like you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll love us, almost as much as we’ll love to have you!

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